My First Semester Top 20 List

  1.  Humans cannot make soil
  2.  We cannot live without soil
  3.  Soil is made of dead plants, oxygen, water, weathered rock
  4. How to conserve soil
  5.  How to add widgets to a blogs
  6.  My learning style
  7.  Time paradoxes
  8.  The Law of Superpostion
  9.  The Earth was created 4.6 billion years ago
  10.  The rock cycle
  11.  The sub types of rocks
  12.  Sea floor spreading
  13.  Continental Drift
  14.  Convention in the mantle
  15.  The agents of erosion
  16.  The agents of weathering
  17.  The agents of deposition
  18.  The types of erosion that happen in our city
  19.  The parts of earth
  20.  The types of energy

Teh Final Blog Challenge

First of all I meant to put “teh”. It’s like “the” but awesomer.

Teh Final Frontier[or challenge]

 I’m going to evaluate the Challenges.

  1. No I didn’t. My teacher posted it on her website.
  2. 2 was very helpful.
  3. The challenge were we learned about digital citizenship was interesting. It taught me a lot.
  4. How about going green?
  5. Maybe some help with blogroll.
  6. The blog challenges were very helpful and interesting.

Blog Challenge #9 Favorites

My favorites. I think I’m going to write about my favorite flower. My favorite flower  is a vanda orchid. It is so beautiful. It’s my favorite because my teacher dared me to write about my favorite flower, and I chose the vanda orchid. For no reason except beauty.

Let’s talk about it’s beauty. With it’s blue to purple to pink petals it is so elegant. It is great for any occasion[except funerals]. They can also be kept as house plants. There are many different shades in the purple and blue hues.

The vanda orchid is a magnificent flower. It is distributed  in India, northern Australia, and New Guinea. And some hybrids in Southern U.S. The sad thing is the vanda is considered an endangered flower due to habitat destruction. It is a flower I would highly recommend becoming your favorite flower.

Some Info Provided by Wikipedia

Blog Challenge #8


This Friday was Veteran’s Day.  Growing up, I was taught that it was a holiday to honor those individuals that serve/served our country.  When I was younger, I knew a few adults that were in the armed forces and I always admired them for serving our country.  Little did I know that one day I would be honored to be one of those individuals who can call themselves veterans.

After I graduated high school and attended college for a year, I found myself at a crossroads.  I was not getting the best grades,  I was skipping classes and I was not proud of myself.  I knew that if I went back to college, I would be wasting my time and my parent’s money.  I needed to do something that would help me grow as a person and strengthen my inner self.

I enlisted in the U.S. Army and on Feb 22, 1988, I was on my way to basic training @ Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  After 16 weeks, I graduated from Armor school and was officially an armor tank crew member in the United States Army.  For the next 3 years,  I lived and trained how to be a M1 Abrams tank driver, loader, sometimes gunner, Humvee driver, small arms armorer and a soldier.  My enlistment took me to Fort Hood, Texas, Camp Casey, South Korea, and Fort Carson, Colorado.

For those 3 years, it was a time of duty, honor and courage that I never could imagine as a child.  I was introduced to service members that would stay with me to this day either in person or in memory.  Having served overseas, I know what it means to leave family and friends behind, not knowing when you will return.  The hardships and frustrations that service members constantly face everyday are a testament to their honor and duty.  The men and woman that that serve in our armed forces do so for us to be able to live our lives in freedom.  When I was a kid, this would not meant the same thing as it does know.

This past Friday was not just another holiday.  It was a day to give thanks to all veterans who are serving, that had served, and especially those who have died for our country.  To me, it is a privilege to be able to place myself in that category; Veteran.

Dennis Arrowood




How do we know what the Earth’s interior is like when we can’t see it?

We can figure it out by looking at Earth’s outside. And by seismology can help too.  There are two types of wave that can travel throught matter, caused by earthquakes. P waves and S waves [primary and secondary]. Primary are the main waves. They can travel through solids like the mantle. They can also pass through liquids, like the outer core of Earth.

So I learned that there are different waves that travel through the Earth. They can be tested by a seismograph. That measures different waves. You can tell by testing!!! That was what I had originally thought. Take that science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!